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"Nothing can make our lives, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness." -Tolstoy



ClassDojo has some AMAZING video tools. In their Big Ideas Section, you can watch mini-series about growth mindset, perseverance, empathy, and gratitude. You can check out the first episodes on ClassDojo's YouTube Channel, but if you create a free account on their main page, you can watch all of them.
Class Dojo Growth Mindset Class Dojo Perseverance Class Dojo Empathy
  • Beginning of the Year - Ways to introduce/re-introduce yourself to your students.
  • Bullying - Lessons that focus on respect and bullying prevention.
  • Character Education - Core value for each month.
  • Fairness - Lessons for when kids say: "That's not fair!" 
  • Following Directions - Focusing on the importance of both giving and following directions. 
  • Identifying and Expressing Feelings - Helping students understand how to positively identify and express their feelings. 
  • Making and Keeping Friends - Lessons that reflect on the qualities of good friends.
  • Positive School Behaviors - Discussing the positive behaviors that lead to school success.
  • Self-Esteem - Focusing on the effects of both high and low self-esteem.
  • Tattling - Helping students understand the difference between big problems and small problems. 
  • Test Anxiety - Activities to tame test anxiety.
  • Bulletin Boards - Displaying important school counseling content on a school-wide scale.
  • Career Day - An event that promotes career exploration and community involvement.
  • Dear ___ - Students write letters to our school mascot to help him solve his problems.
  • Expect Respect Club- 5th grade students can apply to be a member of this club. Members are assigned an age group (K-2 or 3-6) and must plan ways to help those student groups feel special at our school.
  • Good Behavior Competition - Target behavior concerns by encouraging friendly grade level competition.
  • Kindness Month - A month to promote positive school climate and acts of kindness. (February)
  • No Name-Calling Awareness Week - A week to promote a positive school climate.
  • PBIS Tier 2 - Supporting the academic and social skills of target students.
  • PBIS Reward Celebrations - Ways to highlight positive student behaviors each month.
  • Tattle Box - A place where students can report both positive and negative social interactions. 
  • Anger Management - Small group sessions to help students learn how to identify and appropriately express their anger,
  • Anxiety - Providing students with the tools they need to overcome their anxious feelings.
  • Divorce - Helping students cope with their parents' divorce.
  • Loss and Grief - Small group sessions to help students with their grief.
  • Making and Keeping Friends - Reflecting on the characteristics of good friends.
  • Self-Esteem - Small group sessions to boost students' confidence.
  • Social Skills - Lessons to build an understanding of positive school behaviors.