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Shannon Luppino - Principal 

Shannon Luppino’s favorite thing about her own time in school was the close relationships she was able to have with her teachers in high school. Mrs. Haxama was her favorite because Luppino said she was patient and wise and always took the time to help every student out that needed it.  Now her own career is allowing her to have close relationships with students as Principal of Allendale Elementary.

Luppino grew up in the South Redford school system where she loved her ELA classes, and attended Wayne State University for her Bachelors in Elementary Education and her four years in her own classroom were spent in a self-contained 8th grade class at Downriver High School. For her Masters, she headed back to Wayne State where she studied administration.

Her career in administration has included three schools: two years as Principal at Downriver High School; one year as Dean of Students, half a year as Assistant Principal and seven and a half as Principal at Melvindale High School; and the last five years at Allendale.
When she is not at work, Luppino loves gardening, golf and spending time with her family.

Nagwa Ali - Assistant Principal 

After spending 10 years in her own classroom, Nagwa Ali began her journey as Assistant Principal at Allendale Elementary. She loves being in administration and her favorite thing about Melvindale is the diverse and supportive community.
Born in Oakland, California, Ali moved to Michigan and went through the Detroit Public Schools and Dearborn Public Schools system before heading off to college, where she knew she wanted to study education.
She attended Wayne State University and studied Elementary Education and spent 10 years teaching Pre-K, kindergarten, first, second and fourth grades. For her Masters programs, she went back to Wayne State and studied Bilingual Bi-cultural Education Educational Leadership, Education Specialist and Administrative Policies and Studies.
In her own time in school, Ali loved studying ELA, gym class and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite teacher was Ms. Darwich who taught her that boys are tough, but it was okay to be a tough girl. That mindset later led to Ali starting a Girl Power Club.
Outside of work, Ali enjoys spending time with her kids and friends, enjoying the outdoors.

Erik Browe - Dean of Students

When Erik Browe was in school, he considered himself fortunate to have teachers that went above and beyond to help him be a successful student. Mrs. Goodrich was his favorite because of her personality that was kind, patient and caring. When it came time to choose his own career, Browe decided on education to help others be successful.
After attending Southgate Schools for K-8 and then Riverview Gabriel Richard for High School, Browe went off to Western Michigan University where he studied Special Education- Learning Disabilities with a K-12 certification.
He spent eight years in his own classroom; two in secondary and six at the elementary level and during that time got his Masters in Educational Leadership from Madonna University.

Browe says his favorite thing about Melvindale is that it is truly a little city with a big heart. During his own time in school, Browe loved math and was on the wrestling and football teams and he later coached football for five years and basketball for two.

Outside of work, Browe enjoys spending time with family, traveling and keeping active.