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Your fifth grade teachers are excited to be part of next stage in your child's education! We collaborate frequently to provide you with information that will help you and your child be a successful student and part of our school community. We hope you find this site helpful.
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Your fifth grade teachers are here for you and together we make an awesome team!



Welcome to 5th grade! The teachers in 5th grade are: Mr. Jablinsky, Mrs. Lazorka, Ms. Lewis, Mrs. Loosle, Ms. Melton, Ms. Michaels, Mrs. Persichetti, and Ms. Smith. We are all very excited to welcome you to the new year! We look forward to working together with your family and child in order to ensure every 5th  grader is successful this year. 

*Visit the 5th  grade webpage in order to stay up to date with what’s happening. Click on Academics then on 5th grade.



Class DoJo is a communication tool every teacher uses. There, you are able to get information about your child’s classroom as well as message their teacher. You can also email us from our class pages on the Allendale website. 

The hours that I work every day are: M - F: 9:00am - 3:55pm. For questions and concerns, students may contact me during office hours on Google Meet Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45-3:15pm, and Google Mail (Gmail) throughout the week. I will respond within 24 hours. If you contact me outside of my work day, I will get back to you the next business day.
I will host specific parent office hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:45-3:15pm. Parents are encouraged to meet with me during this time to answer any questions and concerns they may have. Parents are encouraged to email/DOJO me throughout the week as well. I will respond the next business day. 


Students need to look at the 5th grade website to view the daily assignments every morning. 

  • Our class will meet virtually each morning to discuss the activities and assignments. 
  • Whole group lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays immediately following the class community meetings.  
  • Scheduled small group lessons Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Students will have independent work to complete when they are NOT in a small group.

When attending video meetings, students need to be:

  1. On time for these meetings, so that we’re able to get started and they don’t miss anything.
  2. Sit in a quiet place where they will be able to focus on the lesson being taught. 
  3. They should have their video on at all times. 
  4. Be on mute until it is their turn to speak. 
  5. Use headphones if they are available.

Most importantly- be kind, respectful, and pay attention. 


Regular attendance is essential for academic success. Teachers will be taking daily attendance and tracking students’ participation in Google Meetings and assignments. Your student’s participation is expected and required. Not only will this ensure your child’s success, but will be necessary to promote your child to the 6th grade. Participation and work will be expected and graded, just the same as in-person learning. 



MWF ScheduleTTH Schedule


This course is designed to function as an online course. As collaborative planning is important in education, Google Classroom will be utilized as a tool to share, as well as post projects to receive feedback from peers and the instructor. Our schedule is tentative and subject to revision depending on how our work proceeds. Be sure to check frequently and make note of information and course changes posted in Google Classroom and emails. Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom and linked to the 5th grade website. 

Make-Up assignments

Assignments should be completed on a daily basis as we will be discussing them during our class meetings and small group lessons. All assignments can be turned in until Sunday of the same week. Tests/Quizzes must be completed the day they are assigned. Students will be notified in advance of all tests, quizzes and projects. If your child is unable to complete any assignments or join in on the class meeting, due to illness/injury, Medical or Dental appointment, or death in the immediate family, please contact your child’s teacher through Class Dojo or email. 


We value the time you have together as a family. Our hope is for every student to develop and build a deep, long lasting, intrinsic desire to absolutely love learning. In order to help students achieve this, our “homework” each night will be for your child to read 20 minutes. The research is clear that this will benefit your child. This could be by themselves, or out loud to or with a parent/guardian/brother/sister/pet, etc. They will get a new weekly reading log on Mondays. They are to complete this throughout the week and turn it in on Google Classroom the following Monday. Students will also practice math facts daily. 

Grading Scale


Minimum Percentage



Minimum Percentage



Minimum Percentage

















*Progressing-  This grade is earned by students who are making progress in the ELL Newcomer program.













Pacing Guides

A pacing guide is used by teachers in order to make sure the standards for the grade level are taught.  This is a guide that we will use throughout the year. The dates may change depending on how the students are learning the content. This, however, is a general outline of what and when your child will be learning throughout the year. Due to the sudden closure of school last year, standards that need to be reviewed or taught more thoroughly from the previous grade have also been added. 

Math Pacing GuideReading Pacing GuideScience Pacing GuideSS Pacing Guide


Netiquette is the importance of proper manners and behavior online. Common guidelines include being courteous, precise, and avoiding cyber-bullying. Here is a video on common guidelines for online learning: youtu.be/M6Sh6Hdsf0I. Please see Mel-NAP’s website for more information on board policy, FAQs, and Acceptable Use Policy

Students may not, at any time, take pictures or record any part of the course materials or live meetings that they participate in. Doing so will result in disciplinary action per the student code of conduct. 

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is the responsible use of technology by anyone who uses a computer/Chromebook, the Internet, and digital platforms to engage with society on any level. Digital Citizenship will be implemented throughout the curriculum. You can find more information on this page, including helpful tips as well as the curriculum Mel-NAP is using:  www.melnapschools.com/apps/pages/DigitalCitizenship

Accommodations and Modifications

Students with a 504 or IEP are eligible to receive accommodations and modifications in this course.

Student Privacy and Information Security

We follow all policies and procedures regarding student privacy and security as outlined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) & Children’s Online Privacy & Protection Act (COPPA) -- federal mandates. 


The materials in this course are only for the use of students enrolled in the course for purposes associated with the course. This includes any textbook materials, online materials, and assignments that utilize a 3rd party. Copyrighted course materials may not be further disseminated. Electronic copies should not be shared with unauthorized users. Reproduction or reuse is by express written permission of the author only.

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Please fill out the form above to let us know that you’ve read the syllabus. There is also a space for you to ask questions. 

Thank You,

Your 5th  Grade Teachers

Melvindale Public Schools accept a parent’s assertion that he or she needs language assistance without requiring additional corroboration. For free help with understanding the content of this document, please call Central Office 313-389-3300 or Ines Ucros 734-673-4562 (Spanish) or Zaina Nassr 313-203-1366 for translation/interpretation assistance. Melvindale High School 313-389-3320, Strong Middle School 313-389-3330, Allendale Elementary School 313-389-4664, Rogers Early Elementary 313-277-5400.

تؤكد مدارس ملفنديل وشمال الن بارك على توفير خدمات الترجمة بدون اي شروط . للحصول على هذه الخدمة المجانية وفهم هذه االاستمارة يرجي االتواصل مع محمد البشير على:

التلفون: 313-401-2808

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313-203-1366 التلفون: nassrz@melnapschools.com البريد الألكتروني:

شكرا على تعاونكم!

Las Escuelas Públicas de Melvindale North - Allen Park, le comunican que si existe la necesidad de enviar a la casa cualquier clase de información escrita en el Idioma Español. Favor de comunicarlo a la oficina principal con el fin de poder suministrarle esta información en el idioma que usted entiende. Así mismo si durante el proceso educativo de su hijo/hija usted requiere la asistencia de un intérprete para poder comunicarse con los maestros de sus niños/as este servicio se le ofrece de manera gratuita y también debe ser pedido en la oficina principal. Favor comunicarse a la oficina principal (313) 389-3300 para pedir asistencia o si lo prefiere comuníquese con el intérprete al teléfono (734) 673-4562. O envíe un correo electrónico a ucrosi@melnapschools.com.

We are looking forward to a very exciting school year. We hope that fifth grade will be a rewarding year for your child. The school provides most of the basic supplies: pencils, 16 count crayons, 1 eraser, 1 glue stick, homework folder, composition notebook, 1 dry erase marker, 1 pen, and loose-leaf paper. The following materials would be beneficial to your child in fifth grade:

• 1 - 2 inch binder
• 1 Zippered pencil pouch
• 3 Large Glue Sticks
• 1 pack of sharpened pencils
• 1 pack Colored pencils
• 2 Checking pens - not blue or black
• 1 pack of Dry Erase markers AND eraser
• 1 Pair of Pointy Scissors
• 1 - 3x3 Sticky Notes
• 1 Pair of Headphones or Earbuds
• 1 Backpack without wheels
• 2 Large Boxes of Tissue
• 1 Container of Clorox/Lysol wipes
• 1 Box of Pencils
• 1 Small Pencil Sharpener
• 1 Pack of Colored pencils
• 1 Spiral Notebook
• 1 Folder
• 1 Ruler
• 1 Pair of Headphones or Earbuds

*Please note some teachers may request specific supplies for their classroom.
Thank you apple
Room #       Teacher
213              Ms. Persichetti
214              Ms. Lazorka
215              Ms. Loosle
216              Ms. Michaels
217              Ms. Smith
218              Ms. Allen
219              Ms. Melton
220              Mr. Jablinsky